Walkabout Wash Kit

Walkabout Wash Kit

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If you're traveling light, which you should, the clothes you brought are going to get dirty and smelly. And overseas Laundromats are expensive and hard to find. The conclusion: on Walkabouts, you're going to wash your clothes, and in the sink. An exclusive, our Walkabout Wash Kit contains all you need! A must take item. Enclosed in a strong vinyl 5 by 7 waterproof pouch, complete with hook, loop Velcro closure, and carrying cord, the Walkabout Wash Kit contains a universal sink plug, concentrated (20 washes) biodegradable laundry detergent, bristle brush to scrub the hard stains, and unique laundry line. The laundry cord does not need clothespins; merely separate the twisted cords, place article of clothing between them, and allow cords to fall back in place. Cord stretches to a lengthy 66 inches, and attaches to wall with suction cups, or can be tied to supports.


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