ProLite Mattress

ProLite Mattress

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Do it comfortably with the ProLite 3/4 Mattress. The ProLite is 20x47x1, yet gets real small when rolled up. Even more amazing, the ProLite weighs about the same as a can of soft drink -- 13 ounces. The miracles continue: the ProLite is self-inflating -- unscrew the valve and it fills itself with air. Simply the lightest and most compact self-inflating mattress in the world. Recommended even on short Walkabouts -- you’ll spend more time in airports and train stations than you think. Now you can stretch out with very little additional weight in your backpack. In fact, the Travel Pillow and ProLite together total only 21.5 ounces. That's the weight of a paperback book; a small price to pay for the ability to be comfortable anywhere. Of course, essential on Walkabouts where you’ll be camping. Comes with free stuff sack.


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