Oakley M Frame

Oakley M Frame

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Product Description

The Oakley M Frame is easily one of the most popular all-purpose sunglasses on the market. With so many unique features it is easy to see why the Oakley M Frame is so popular with professional athletes, industry workers, and your average Joe.

One the Oakley M Frame you’ll find more features than the new release board at Blockbuster. When looking at all the features of the Oakley M Frame it appears as if they thought of everything. Some of these include replaceable lenses, different frame fits, impact certified, various lens shapes.

Another reason the Oakley M Frame are so popular is because of their impact certification. No more lame safety glasses, the Oakley M Frame have passed rigorous tests by the American National Standards Institute for high impact and high velocity.

  • Replaceable lenses
  • Various lens shapes
  • Impact certified
  • Allows for prescription lenses
  • Three-point fit system

Why They Rock

Probably the coolest thing about the Oakley M Frame is the ability to fully customize it on a whim. The various lens shades and sizes make it easy for you customize the glasses to fit your conditions. Thus leaving you with full protection and exceptional comfort.


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