MSR Miox

MSR Miox

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Product Description

The MSR Miox is a lightweight device that purifies water without the use of filters or iodine. The system requires no pumping and no upkeep of any kind. All you have to do with the MSR Miox is add water, shake and press the magic button.

No longer do you have endure through the bitter taste iodine tablets leave in the water. The MSR Miox creates a more chlorinated taste, much like that of you local city water. The system works by using salt and an electrical current to treat the water, this method is known as electrolysis. With the MSR Miox you’ll have safe drinking water in no time.

It only takes the MSR Miox about 15 minutes to treat water for viruses and bacteria. It gets Guardia in 30 minutes and cryptosporidium in four hours. As an added feature, the MSR Miox has a safety indicator to let you know when your water is safe to drink.

  • Kills viruses and bacteria in 15 minutes
  • Lightweight
  • No pumping required
  • Comes with 50 test strips
  • Submersible

Why They Rock

The MSR Miox is a great choice when you don’t have room to spare or want something more than a hand pump can provide.


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