Montrail Hardrock

Montrail Hardrock

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Product Description

The Montrail Hardrock is trail running shoe those who really want to get some mileage in. Inspired by its namesake, the Hardrock 100, the Montrail Hardrock is built for harsh landscapes and rough trail conditions.

Designed to be an all purpose trail running shoe, the Montrail Hardrock offers stability, traction, and protection. All this without sacrificing weight, agility, or flexibility. Thanks to its clever design, the Montrail Hardrock works well on long runs, but is still comfortable enough for extended hikes or walks.

The wider midsole of the Montrail Hardrock and its molded protection plate help protect the bottom of your foot from bruising. The heel counter is nice and firm to help keep your foot in position 100% of the time. The upper section of the Montrail Hardrock also provides webbing strips and overlays to help provide added support.

  • Weight 13 oz
  • Sculpted heel cup
  • Dual dynasty EVA Midsoles
  • Breathable

Why They Rock

The Montrail Hardrock is perfect trail running or cross country. It’s easy to see why the Montrail Hardrock won Outside Magazines 2005 Gear of the Year award.


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