Montrail Comp XCR

Montrail Comp XCR

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Product Description

The Montrail Comp XCR is a more improved version of the old TRS Comp. This trail shoe works well on just about any trail condition you can come across. Idea for weekend long trips or day hikes through aggressive terrain, the Montrail Comp XCR can handle it all.

With snowy conditions in mind, the Montrail Comp XCR sports a few features to get you where you’re going without busting your butt. The forceful heel tread is idea for plunge stepping and snowy descents. The sticky FasTrax carbon rubber outsoles provide outstanding grip on any surface.

The mid cut Montrail Comp XCR trail shoe are water proof and the split grain leather uppers offer plenty of ventilation. A prism nylon lining helps catch extra moisture and get rid of it quickly. The GoreTex drop liner is seam sealed to keep out water, but still be breathable.

  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Gore Tex XCR lining
  • Mid-Cut
  • Idea for snowy and rocky conditions

Why They Rock

The Montrail Comp XCR was created to handle rough environments like the North Cascades and Canadian Rockies. The Montrail Comp XCR have all the features you need to handle snow, rocks, and water.


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