Keen Newport

Keen Newport

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Product Description

The Keen Newport sandal has been a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts since it first came out. Its versatility and sheer comfort make it an easy choice for just about any outing. From rock hoping in Utah, to sailing in Rhode Island, the Keen Newport can handle it all.

The true beauty of the Keen Newport is its rubberized toe guard. The toe guard works well at protecting you little piggy’s from rocks, stumps, and other assorted painful objects. In addition to keeping all your toes free from harm, the Keen Newport keeps them comfortable as well.

The Keen Newport are made with a super sticky and non-marking rubber. These soles will allow passage on to even the most anal boat owners ship. The waterproof leather holds up well even after extended periods in the water. The Keen Newport’s design allows for quick drainage, which will allow you to go straight for the ocean to the bar with problem.

  • Waterproof leather
  • Non-marking sole
  • Toe guard
  • Elastic locking cord
  • 1 year warranty

Why They Rock

The Keen Newport sandals are so comfortable that many AT thru hikers have worn these for the duration of their hike. If the Keen Newport sandals are comfortable enough to hike the AT in, surely you’ll find them comfortable too.


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