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Jetboil PCS

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Product Description

The Jetboil PCS (personal cooking system) is an all in one cooking system perfect for backpackers or just weekend warriors. The Jetboil PCS boils water fast, is compact, and cleans up easy. In fact, you’ll only have one dish to clean at the end of every meal! If that’s not a selling point, I don’t know what is.

At first glance the Jetboil PCS may not look like a minimalist backpacking stove, but let’s look at little closer. The entire unit is just a hair larger than your average Nalgene bottle and contains everything you need to cook in the backcountry. When traveling, the entire Jetboil PCS packs up into its self, leaving you with a single unit to carry.

The Jetboil PCS works by using a well designed canister stove that is locked to the mug itself through a single unit. This unit helps deliver evenly distributed heat across the entire bottom surface of the cup. This allows the Jetboil PCS to boil a full cup of water in 30 seconds!

  • Boils a full cup of water in 30 seconds
  • Insulated cup
  • Slightly larger than a Nalgene bottle

Why They Rock

The great thing about the Jetboil PCS is that it can cook just about anything you would bring into the backcountry in no time flat. It’s light, fast, and cleans up easy!


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