Hiker Microfilter

Hiker Microfilter

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The Katadyn Hiker Microfilter offers excellent performance with minimal effort. Lightweight and small; 11 ounces, 6.5 inches tall. Filter life is approximately 200 gallons (800 liters) depending on water conditions. Output is up to 1 liter per minute. Anticlog micron filter does not require cleaning. An advantage of the Hiker Microfilter is that you can pump all the water you need at one time, and fill as many bottles as you need for the day. The Hiker Microfilter will pay for itself quickly in bottled water and Immodium® savings, and will last for years. When not on the road, it's an essential item in a home emergency kit. Included: Hiker Microfilter, anticlog cartridge, intake hose with prefilter, output hose with universal bottle adapter, and carry bag.


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