eTrex Vista Original

eTrex Vista Original

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Product Description

The eTrex Vista comes with everything you need in a handheld GPS unit. This unit comes loaded with a full basemap of the Americas. The new versions of the maps include more detail than ever. The Vista basemap now includes everything from lakes to coastlines and everything in-between; everything being rivers, cities, highways, and railroads.

In addition to its army of inland map aids, the Vista also comes loaded with basic marine navigation aids. If that’s not enough map detail for you, you can use the extra 24 MB of internal storage to add some of Gamins additional mapping products.

You’ll find that the Vistas barometric altimeter can give you a exact reading of your altitude without any problem. The built in electronic compass also provides outstanding bearing information. These features, in combination with the Wide Area Augmentation System (WASS), can provide you with even more accurate positioning information. The use of the WAAS system can give you a location reading accurate to within three meters.

  • Full basemap of the Americas
  • Basemap of the Atlantic or Pacific
  • Barometric altimeter
  • Electronic compass
  • 24 MB of internal memory

Why They Rock

There are not a lot of bells and whistles here but, if you want a great handheld GPS for a great price, this is what you’re looking for.


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