If you have ever gone on a long backpacking trip with “normal” socks, you can appreciate the value of hiking socks. Hiking socks are designed with the backpacker in mind. There built to wick moisture and have more padding where backpackers need it. A good pair of socks can make a world of difference.

Good hiking socks will help kill the odor that comes from a long day on the trail. Synthetic socks and Smartwool are both great ways to kill sock odor. Comfortable hiking socks will also help keep you more comfortable. The extra thicknesses in areas that need it make for a more comfortable wear.

Take a look around in the BootsnAll store to see what some of our favorite hiking socks are. Any time we find a pair of hiking socks that make our feet happy, we’ll share them with you in the store.


Smartwool Hiking Light Crew Socks

The Smartwool Hiking Light Crew Socks are boot high socks that are perfect for lightweight hiking or walking. The... ...more


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