Ever since its creation, fleece has been a popular fabric for outdoor enthusiasts. Its lightweight, warm, versatile, and dries quickly. It is basically everything you could want in a piece of outdoor clothing. With a range of designs and weights, there is a fleece that is perfect for just about every activity under the sun.

Fleece jackets works great as a mid layer or as a outer layer. Combine a good fleece with a warm outer shell and you are sure to stay toasty no matter what. Fleece jackets are also a favorite for just wearing around camp. They keep you warm without being bulky.

There are a ton of fleece jackets on the market today. Did you know some of them aren’t even really fleece? There are only two companies who actually make real fleece. Search the BootsnAll store to find the best fleece jackets.


Columbia Steens Mountain Fleece

The Columbia Steens Mountain Fleece is an idea jacket for just about any outdoor activity. Whether its for the cold... ...more



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